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»4.16.18 - Awards are now in place! Check them out here! More to come when I can think of them...XD

»4.14.18 - I just want to welcome all of our members, Shiver, Ginnie, and Azzie! We are excited to see what is in store for Litchfield with all of our new characters running a muck here soon!

»3/29/18 - The site is officially in a soft open as it is ready but we would still like the chance to work out a few more kinks that may have been missed. Welcome to Litchfield! Let us know of anything that we can do to make your stay here more comfortable!

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Currently, we are still playing out the riot, and anything before the riot if you would like to playout the past as well. What were your characters doing during the riot? Were they a part of torturing the guards? Did they stay in the yard and out of trouble? Have fun with it! Soon the punishment will be dueled out and the fun will be over.
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